Registration for our Spring Pre-Dance classes is now open. Classes begin in February and run through May.  If you are interested in registering please call the office.


Pre-Dance Classes

Our pre-level curriculum is designed for the pre-school student, ages 3 through Kindergarten.


In Pre-Dance 1 (ages 3-5), children will be exposed to the classroom environment, while acquiring a love of dance class.  They will learn to follow directions, work with others and express themselves through creative movement.  Basic ballet and jazz movements will be explored through fun exercises and songs.   

In Pre-Dance 2 (ages 4-5), the student builds on the fundamentals from Pre-Dance 1.  Students will continue with technique, coordination, balance, and rhythm.  They learn to take turns across the floor and wait courteously.  The very basic techniques of ballet, jazz and creative movement are covered in class and continually reviewed in order to establish a good foundation for possible future study of dance. 


Each session concludes with a student recital, when students will display the concepts that they have learned during the session and perform a short dance.  This presentation serves the dual purpose of familiarizing the young students with performing in front of a small audience.  We welcome parents and siblings to this performance.  A limited number of tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis for additional family members for a small fee of $2.00 each.  The number of additional seats available will be based on the capacity of the area and the number of immediate family members attending.   Following the recital, a reception will be held in the family waiting area.

The fourteen-week Fall session tuition of $140, or the sixteen-week Spring session tuition of $160 includes class time, the recital, free admission for parents and siblings, reception with refreshments, and a participation certificate.  A one-time $10.00 registration fee will be charged for the 2017-2018 season, regardless of the number of sessions taken during the season.  (This is $5.00 off the regular student registration fee.) 


Curriculum will cover:

 ~Ballet – classical ballet technique


 ~Jazz – faster paced movement based on classical jazz technique


 ~Creative Movement – interpretive dance utilizing props and prompts


Mondays:                                                                            Wednesdays:

5:00-5:45pm    Pre Dance 1                                              5:00 - 5:45pm   Pre Dance

                       5:45-6:30pm    Pre Dance 2

                      Mondays (Fairfield):

                      5:45-6:30 pm     Pre Dance 1