Pre-Pointe & Pointe Programs

With the understanding that commencing pointe work is a serious and strenuous undertaking for any dancer, Gettysburg Dance Center has created our own unique program to prepare students for the rigors of pointe work. Entrance into our Pre-Pointe Program is by Instructor & Director recommendation only. Students wishing to be considered for the program must be a minimum age of 11 years old, and have no less than three consecutive years of ballet training.  Pre-Pointe and Pointe students must be actively enrolled in no less than one hour of ballet technique per week, in addition to the mandatory 2.5 hours a week pointe program.

Students must complete at minimum of one year in pre pointe class; this will vary depending on students ability and progression. Class work consists not only of ballet technique and terminology, but abdominal, leg and ankle strength, stamina, and the ability to hold one’s technique while doing the required work on flat. Our instructors will evaluate students throughout the year to assess their progression. Advancement for dancer into pointe shoes is then granted at the Instructor & Director’s discretion. We understand that it is almost every young ballerina’s goal to start pointe, however our instructors have a combined 50+ years’ experience in pointe work and dance education and will assess what is in the best interest for the student and their safety.