This handbook will serve as a guide to the policies and procedures of our school. 

We are dedicated to providing quality dance education to the South-Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland area.  Our staff of professionally-trained

educators is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Thank you for selecting us to nurture your talent. 





The annual, non-refundable registration fee is $15.00; for pre-level classes the fee is $10.00.    



Tuition is due on the first day of the month. A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed after the 5th of the month.  Tuition remaining unpaid on the 10th of the month will result in the student not being able to participate in class. All returned checks will result in a $40.00 NSF fee.  Classes missed due to illness, school functions, etc. will not have tuition refunded or prorated. 

If you have difficulty making a tuition payment due to financial hardship, please contact the executive director or the office manager for alternative arrangements. We offer several payment options, see office staff to learn more.

Students enrolled in private lessons must pay the instructor at the beginning of each lesson. 


Class Enrollment:

Students are placed in classes firstly according to age, then technical ability.  Upon recommendation of the director and instructor, a student may be moved to an upper level if exceptional ability is shown.  We emphasize teaching proper dance technique.  Students may spend multiple years in a level based on their knowledge and progression through each levels curriculum. General guidelines for class levels and age requirements are:

Mommy & Me           Ages 2 - 3

Pre-Level 1                 Ages 3 - 5

Pre Level 2                  Ages 4 - 5 ( Pre Level 1 required)

Beginner                      Ages 6-10 (no experience required)

Beginner 2                  Ages 6-10 (Beginner 1 required)

Intermediate              Ages 11-18

Open Ballet                 Ages 11-18 (beginner level)

Advanced                     Ages 11-18 (teacher recommendation only) 

Pointe                            Ages 11-18+ (teacher recommendation only)

Adult                              Ages 18+

*If you wish to discuss your dancer’s level placement with the director/ instructor you must schedule a meeting outside of class time.


Dress Code:

All students must be properly dressed for each class.  Students are expected to have their proper attire and shoes prior to entering their first class in the fall/spring.  Students are required to wear a leotard, tights and appropriate dance shoes for ALL dance techniques - NO EXCEPTIONS!  Absolutely no jewelry, other than small post earrings, may be worn in any class - this includes silly bands.  Any student entering class with jewelry, bracelets, or unapproved clothing will be required to remove the items, which will be returned to the student at the end of classAll ballet students must have their hair in a SECURE bun.  Failure to follow the Dress Code will result in the student receiving a Disciplinary Notice.


Dress Requirements:

Leotard requirements for ballet classes are as follows:

Pre-level           Any color                                            

Beginner          Pink or Lt blue                        

Open               Navy blue

Intermediate    Navy blue

Advanced        Black

Pointe              Any color

Classroom attire and hairstyle requirements for other dance techniques are at the instructor’s discretion, and will be discussed at the first class meeting in fall. Copies may be found at the office for your information.



Students in Pre and Beginner levels must be accompanied by a parent during the last full week of September, for the mandatory parent meetings.  Instructors will discuss important studio and class information during this period.  Students enrolled in more than one class need only have a parent attend one of their classes if they have the same instructor for those classes.  If a student is enrolled in multiple classes with different instructors for those classes, the parent is required to attend one of each class.

Mandatory parent meetings FOR ALL CLASSES AND LEVELS (with the exception of Pre levels) will also be held in late May/early June to discuss important recital week information. (see calendar)


Attendance and Behavior:

Regular attendance is essential for students to learn and progress.  If students are not in class, they will miss important technique progression.  Please, call if your child is going to be absent or tardy.  Students will not be allowed to attend class if they are more than 15 minutes late as they will not have had sufficient time to warm-up; plan on taking a make-up class instead. If your child has a contagious illness or is too ill to participate, please be respectful of others, and do not bring them to class.  If your child has a long term illness or injury, please inform your child’s instructor. 

Please note that any student having more than two consecutive unexcused absences may be required by their instructor to take a private lesson at your expense.  Excessive absences may result in dismissal of the student.  Please understand that we are trying to give your child the best dance education possible. 

Habitual absence and/or disruptive behavior is extremely distracting to the other students and takes the instructor’s attention away from the entire class.  In these instances, warning slips may be issued: blue slips are a first warning, yellow slips are a probationary warning, and pink slips are the final warning.  Depending on the issue, pink slips may be a one-time dismissal or permanent dismissal from class.  

Class Cancellations:

If severe weather were to occur (snow, severe thunderstorms, ice), our studio follows the Gettysburg Area School District weather cancellation/dismissal schedule.  If GASD classes are cancelled or there is an early dismissal, there will be NO DANCE CLASSES held that evening.  If schools have a delayed opening, classes will be held.  Please note: YOU WILL NOT BE CALLED in the event of poor weather conditions that result in class cancellations.  Please check our Gettysburg Dance Center Facebook page if there is any uncertainty whether class will be held.

Make Up Classes:

Students who miss class due to illness, school functions, etc., WILL NOT BE REFUNDED OR HAVE TUITION PRORATED.  Students may make up their class time by attending another class within two weeks, and must notify their instructor of the make-up class and date attended.  To make-up a class, students may attend a class at the same technique level or lower.  (Ex: Int. Ballet may take Beg. or Int. Jazz, Beg. or Int. Modern, or Beg. Ballet)  Makeup classes will be scheduled in the event of weather closings. Instructors will contact families to schedule makeups. It is at teacher’s discretion to hold a makeup or ask students to attend another class as a makeup, if one cannot be scheduled.

Private Lessons:

If a student wishes to receive more one-on-one work with any of our talented instructors you may schedule privates with that instructor. Pricing and payment options are decided by each instructor. If you are interested in scheduling private lessons please speak to your instructor outside of class times.



We hold a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to offset costume costs, tuition, and recital fees.  Fundraising information is available from the shelves by the office desk.  Payment is required when submitting your orders. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL FUNDRAISER ORDERS AND PAYMENTS ARE TURNED IN ON TIME, as changes after the deadline are time consuming.  Unused fundraising balances will not be carried over to the next year or refunded; these will be transferred to the following year’s scholarship fund.   See the office manager with any questions. 



Seasonal newsletters are sent by email and are posted on the bulletin board.  Please read the newsletter to keep informed!  


News Items:

Items of interest concerning any of the students can be posted on the bulletin board.  Please submit them to the office staff for approval before posting. 


New York City Trips:

Periodically, trips are planned for students who wish to have the opportunity to take class in New York City.  Sign-up sheets and information about each trip will be posted on the bulletin board.  Special fundraisers may also be available to offset costs.  Full payment is usually required when reserving a space for the trip.



No solicitation of any kind may be conducted on GDC premises, either in writing or verbally!  Please see the executive director for permission to advertise your business utilizing the bulletin board; if approved, it will be initialed, and the staff will post it.  Unapproved postings WILL BE REMOVED!  


Important Studio Guidelines:

·         Dancing is an intense, physical activity, so we require students to warm-up at the beginning of class, in order to avoid injury.  Students should be on time and ready to dance at the start of each class. Students arriving to class 15 minutes late or more will be asked to watch class versus participate, so please be prompt. 

·         Students should not arrive for class more than 15 minutes before the scheduled time.  Please do not disturb the classes that are currently in progress. 

·         Please be prompt when picking up students after class.  Staff is not available to watch unattended students; we will not be liable for them.  It is understood that an unusual situation may arise – if that is the case, call the studio.

·         Students must use the lockers and coat hooks provided.  Do not leave possessions on the floor or on chairs - chairs are for parents or those waiting for classes. Anything left in the studio will be put in the lost and found, and at the end of the month donated to the Rescue Mission.

·         Respect should always be shown to the instructors, staff members, and fellow students.  Disrespectful or disruptive behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Repeated offenses may result in dismissal of student from the class or studio premises. We operate a no tolerance policy on bullying, if a student is found to be bullying any other student they will be immediately removed from classes.

·          No food or beverages are allowed in studios, with the exception of bottled water.  Eating is allowed in the waiting area, but please be respectful of this privilege and clean up after yourself. Students may use the microware, but must clean up after themselves.  Use recycling bins in the foyer or waiting area for plastic bottles & newspapers.


·         No running in the hallways or waiting area!  No loud yelling or disruptive behavior.  Parents must keep children under control at all times.  Those waiting for siblings in class should have a quiet activity to keep them occupied.  Do not allow children to play with the water fountain or the bathroom facilities.  No child under the age of 9 is allowed in the restrooms unattended.  Also, no children are allowed in unused studio space!  The waiting area is a privilege – please do not abuse it.

·        No smoking in the building or on the premises.

·         No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises.

 ·         No chewing gum in class.

 ·         The Handicapped Parking Space must be used only by those with the proper license or parking permit! Other businesses in the complex may have customers that require its use.  Overflow parking for busy nights is allowed along Fairplay Road, to the left of the building.  Also, no parking in front of the studio doors.  This is a fire lane and doing so also blocks the flow of traffic in the parking lot.


Annual Student Production:

During the latter part of June, students are given an opportunity to perform for family, friends and the community.  The Dress Rehearsal involves setting cues for lights, music, and backdrops, and during which students will become comfortable with the stage.  This will be held 1 to 2 days prior to the show, and is a full run-through of the entire production with students in full costume and makeup.  ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY - ANY STUDENT ABSENT WILL NOT PERFORM IN THE PRODUCTION!  Specific rehearsal and production dates will be announced in newsletters.  Recital guidelines will be distributed closer to the date of the show.  As with most dance studios, dress rehearsal is a closed event to all except students and staff.  Backstage volunteers may attend as their opportunity to see the show.

Please note that any student registering for classes after December 1st may not be eligible to participate in the end of the year production. 


Special Notes Concerning Production Time:

Please plan ahead for extra expenses due to recital-related items such as videos of the show, flower orders, photo orders, purchase of production tickets and more. 


Recital Fee:

A recital fee of $50.00 will be assessed to each student to offset the expenses of the rehearsals and the instructors.  Included in the fee is a specially-designed recital tee shirt and logo-wear item.  Payment is due no later than May 1st. Fundraiser proceeds may be used to offset this fee.


Group  and Individual Photographs:

We will schedule one or two days during May or the beginning of June for individual photographs with a professional photographer.  The exact date will be disclosed in April.  A sign-up sheet will be available at the office to reserve a time slot.  Group photographs will be scheduled during one of the rehearsals.  It is the parent’s decision whether or not to purchase photographs.


 Performance Ensemble:

We are happy to offer an intensive program that will allow our most dedicated and talented students an opportunity to grow in dance both technically and artistically. Students will be given the opportunity to grow as a performer with scheduled performances in and around the community.  This program is tailored for the serious dance student only.  

The criteria for participation in this program is:

Jr. Troupe:   By invitation only by the director.  Student must be actively enrolled in Int.Ballet or Adv.Ballet, and one other discipline.  The student must be able to commit to classes and rehearsals on Wednesday evenings, and participate in all performances.  Absences must be approved by the director. 

Senior Troupe:   By invitation only by the director.  Student must be actively enrolled in Adv.Ballet 4 or Open Ballet, and at least two other disciplines.  The student must be able to commit to classes and rehearsals held every Saturday morning, participate in all GDC Master classes/seminars, and participate in all performances.  Absences must be approved by the director



Costume Information

  The process of ordering costumes for the entire studio is a tremendous task. 

Please cooperate, and capitulate to our schedules and policies, and things will run smoothly.  Please read the following carefully!



During the months of November and December, measurements of each student will be taken.  If a student is absent during this time, they must arrange with their instructor to get their measurements taken or they will not have a costume ordered for them.  Some students will have a growth spurt and we want to accommodate for this.  Please let us know in writing if your child has a growth spurt after January, so that any necessary adjustments can be made to the student’s order.

Please keep in mind that costume sizing is based on the largest measurement taken (chest / waist / hips / girth).  Costumes are not tailor-made to each person; you will likely need to make some alterations/adjustments to the costume(s).  The studio is not responsible for your alteration costs.  

If your child will not be participating in the annual production for any reason, please let the instructor and the office know in writing before December so we can record it properly.   



After measurements have been taken from every student, instructors will choose their costumes from the companies selected by the director.  Costume selection is at the discretion of each instructor.     

If tights are required for the costume, they will be ordered for each class and will be included in the costume cost.  Most likely, the shoes used in class will be used for the recital, however, if they are extremely dirty or frayed, you may be asked to replace them for the production. 


Deposit Fee/Costs:

A $40.00, non-refundable, costume deposit fee is required for each class in which your child participates.  The costume deposit fee(s) will be deducted from your total costume cost.  If you neglect to pay this fee, we will not order the needed costume(s) for your child. 

The deposit fee is due November 1st.  If it remains unpaid after November 5th, a $15.00 late fee will be added to the costume cost.  If the deposit remains unpaid as of December 20th, an order will not be placed for the student.  After that date, additional orders will have separate shipping and handling fees applied.

 Once placed, costume orders cannot be cancelled, and you are responsible for payment in full. 

You will receive an invoice in February/early March for the balance due.

Costumes are not inexpensive, but we make every effort to order reasonably-priced items – please ask at the office for an approximate price range so that you can plan in advance for expense.


Payment Options:

By late February/early March, you will receive an invoice for your costumes, including tights.  (Shipping, handling, and taxes are all figured into the total cost.)  If you have any questions about your invoice, please see Miss Pat.   Typically we allow 30-45 days to submit payment or participate in the final fundraisers.  All costumes must be paid in full by the due date - NO EXCEPTIONS!   

Option 1:  You may submit payment for the total cost of all of your child’s costumes and tights, less any deposits paid.

Option 2:  You may participate in fundraisers to offset your costume costs.  You will then be billed for the remaining balance.   (Please refer to your GDC Handbook for fundraising information and guidelines.)

When paying for your costumes, please do not include it with your tuition or other costs.  This must be a separate payment so that we may credit it accordingly.

Students who are not current in tuition will not receive their costume(s) until all tuition, late fees, and costume balances are paid in full.