BALLET – All of our Cecchetti-based ballet classes stress correct placement (body alignment) and correct classical ballet technique. Students are placed firstly by age, and then are separated by ability. All students receive corrections during class to help them progress and advance. Classes are ongoing with students advancing to the next level only when they are able to clearly comprehend and demonstrate their current level curriculum.

POINTE – Pointe classes may be taken by students on flat or pointe by teacher recommendation to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe. Students in pointe class are required to take at least one hour of ballet classes per week as well as the required 2.5 hours pointe classes. Readiness for pointe work is determined by each student’s strength and physical development, not necessarily by age. Instructors will advise parents when a student is ready to go onto pointe or begin pre-pointe classes. Students interested in starting pointe must have at least 3 years consecutive ballet training.

MODERN – Classes integrate various traditional disciplines of modern dance foundations with current contemporary styles. These classes are for dancers who like physical complicated floor work, patterns of movement and self expression. Elements of improvisation and choreography are also introduced.

JAZZ – Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance. Jazz also has its own movement vocabulary ranging from isolation of certain body parts, to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms. Jazz dance can take on many different characteristics and styles including street jazz, percussive, Broadway, contemporary and lyrical. Emphasis on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style.

TAP – The rhythm and movement of tap, created by the metal taps on both the heels and toes of dancer’s shoes, transforms the dancer into a percussive musician. Tap dance emphasizes the flow of movement by teaching the dancer to find rhythms and beats not only in the music but in their own bodies.

HIP HOP – This class will introduce students to the basic vocabulary and style of hip hop movement. Hip Hop is about personal styles and expression. This high energy class can be taught to anyone with a passion to move, so no dance experience is required.

LYRICAL –Lyrical is a form of dance that implements aspects of ballet, modern, and jazz techniques. This class focuses on teaching the dancers about creative expression. The instructors achieve this by teaching the students to tell the story of the music through their movement. Elements of improvisation and choreography are also introduced

PRE DANCE – In Pre-Dance students will learn to follow directions, work with others and express themselves through creative movement. This class consists of beginner work with technique, coordination, balance, and rhythm.  They learn to take turns across the floor and wait courteously.  The very basic techniques of ballet, jazz and creative movement are covered in class and continually reviewed in order to establish a good foundation for possible future study of dance.